Friday, February 15, 2008

Choosing a game

So, I know it's a tough assignment, but I have to play video games for class. The hardest part for me was choosing a game.

First I settled on The Movies, but decided it wouldn't hold my interest for the whole semester. Also, I watched a youtube review of it. I've played the demo and didn't notice any major issues, but now that I know what other people don't like . . . well, those things will probably bug me too.

Then there was this cool pirate game. Swashbucklers, ahoy! I was sold! Alas, it is PC only. My sad mac just won't let me choose that one.

Aha! Civilization IV! Sadly, not only is my mac NOT a PC, but it's also a little too old for the makers of Civ. It won't run on my machine either.

Finally, I landed on Age of Empires III. I think I'll have fun with it. Sure, it's not quite Civilization, but a close second. I haven't started playing yet (slow Mac took an hour to load the thing), but definitely some time this weekend.

Let the games begin!

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